Thursday, November 7, 2013

How Long Does a Spider Live?

There is a little spider that has been living in my office window between the glass and screen for a long time. I am sure it has been keeping me company well over a year, maybe two.

One day as I watched it travel up and down its enclosed environment I wondered, “How long do spiders live anyway?” Of course I turned to Google to find my answer. I learned it depends. It depends on the gender and species of the spider.

Females generally outlive males – in part because some spiders like the Black Widow eat their mates after mating. Females can live several years. Some live only two years while the big ones live the tarantula can live as long as twenty-five years.

I am not sure of my spider’s species. It is small, at least compared to the wolf spiders that show up on my patio at night in search of bugs drawn to the light. I don’t think it ever leaves its habitat between the screen and glass of my window. I suppose that is a safe place for a spider to live. Nothing can get to it. So, maybe it will live a full life, whatever that may be for a spider.

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